Klinger Advanced Aesthetics

How beautiful do you want to be?

Master Branding, Brand Voice & Personality: Robin Albin  /  Creative Direction & Design: Susan Hunter


Georgette Klinger, often called the “Dean of Skincare” launched the concept of customized skin care treatment. When she opened her first salon on Madison Avenue, she brought elite European pampering and skin maintenance to America. Over time, the brand became dusty and tired. 


When Georgette Klinger was purchased by a private equity firm, we gave Georgette Klinger a complete makeover. We renamed it Klinger Advanced Aesthetics and transformed the aging, “blue haired lady” brand into a 21st century, luxury medi-spa and “Place of Possibilities™. The campaign - “How beautiful do you want to be?” presented the 3 new locations as a “Disneyworld” of cosmetic services that ran the gamut from Botox to body massage

We created the new logo and graphic design, advertising, collateral and point of sale. We also collaborated with store designer Peter Millard to create the new flagship stores. Each of these Medi-Spas lived adjacent to a Sephora store to complete the transformation. 


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360 Best Practice Aesthetics System™

We also worked with Johns Hopkins Medicine to design a state-of-the-art 360™ Best Practice Aesthetics System™.  The software featured patient diagnostics, service protocols, decision support tools and record-keeping that delivered the best aesthetic medical care while measurably improving medical practice economics.


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While working with Klinger Advanced Aesthetics, we created, named and positioned Cosmedicine, 15 original OTC (over-the-counter) formulations developed according to pharmaceutical standards. Bona fide results were verified by Hopkins Medicine. They were the safest, most effective skincare you could buy without a prescription. No MDs.  No BS.  

We also designed the packaging, advertising, merchandising and all point of sale materials.