Geo Girl

Put the UP in makeUP

Master Branding, Brand Voice & Personality: Robin Albin / Creative Direction & Design: Susan Hunter


Walmart wanted to reach the tech-savvy, socially conscious members of Gen Z with a new beauty brand.  Long time client and partner, Pacific World Corporation, texted us to help with the RFP and we won the bake-off for PWC. We created geoGirl, the first complete collection of fun, informative, interactive beauty products designed to engage this next generation of girls.  The brand was launched in just 9 months. 


We believed that it was important for “beauty beginners” to have safe, age-appropriate products along with the information they need to develop good habits.  Working with our Product Development team, we made sure all geoGirl™ products created a healthy environment for changing skin. We used gentle, good-for-skin botanical ingredients including 100% natural fragrances for a fun yet positive experience.

geoGIRL™ colors were bright and exciting in the package yet were formulated to look super-sheer and see-through on young skin. The formulas were mistake proof and easy to apply successfully.  





Every geoGirl™ package was designed to be a keepable booklet that featured a planet-friendly tip from a real geoGirl™ and application instructions designed to enhance & improve the experience for first time users.


We also scaled down packaging to be suitable for the physical needs of smaller hand and features and the usage pattern of the audience.

geoGirl™ packaging was made from planet-friendly materials including recyclable materials, renewable corn & recycled paperboard.