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Master Branding, Brand Voice & Personality, Product Concepting: Robin Albin  /  Creative Direction & Design: Origins In-House


Leonard Lauder charged our small, skunk works team to forget everything we knew about cosmetics. And that's just what we did.  Rather than focusing on functional products, we began with an empathetic insight that was communicated through a purpose-driven brand, witty narrative and strong belief system that permeated the entire brand. 


We recognized that the consumer was feeling marginalized by the glitz, greed and hyper-materialism of the time. The information age was just dawning and technology felt overwhelming, scary and daunting.   

Our Master Brand Promise: Respect. Respect for the consumer’s skin was reflected in our use of time-tested botanicals. Respect for the environment directed our use of earth friendly packaging and manufacturing practices. Respect for our customer’s pocketbook inspired our simple, no-frills packaging and affordable price. Respect for discovery meant a quest for sensory experiences inspired by ancient cultures and their traditions. 
Among the brand’s most revolutionary achievements was its barrier-free self-service store design and shopping experience – the first of its kind in the prestige beauty space. It was designed to surprise and delight the customer and stimulate the senses, promote well-being, invite exploration and discovery and create a sense of community.
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Respect for our consumer’s intelligence was executed in information-rich communications, and a witty, conversational voice and naming system.


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The result:

Origins revolutionized the beauty industry at every touch point. And today, Origins is still the most widely copied cosmetic brand in the world.